Call me Juliet, a 20-something-year-old who lives and breathes art. My hobbies include writing prose and poetry, painting with acrylic and watercolor, playing the guitar and ukulele, making short films, doing random fashion and interior design sketches, journaling, and more.

I genuinely like being alone as this is the time when I can reflect and think about my next project, whether it’s new poetry or something else involving an 18×22 canvas. Enjoying my own company also led me to my first solo travel when I was 21, and I try to go on solo trips at least once a year.

Art and travel aside, I love shopping—mostly grocery shopping and for yet another black dress and jeans—and anything vintage.

Planning things and doing checklists are my simple pleasures, along with rearranging my furniture for the nth time in a month.

Why Ampersart?

Ampersart basically means “and art.”

I first had my tattoo in 2017, and it was of an ampersand. I honestly didn’t know why at the time, but since then, my friends (even colleagues) would tell me that they remember me every time they see the symbol. They soon gave me ampersand stamps and stickers and table decors—it was like it became my identifier. Looking back, I realized that that serendipitous happening is like art. The people who knew me made sense of it, yet the majority would see it as a mere symbol to connect two things together. In the end, your experiences contribute a lot to how you see the world—and that is art for me.

(But if you want a short and unambiguous answer, making art has always been my way to escape reality for a bit when things are overwhelming, and my solution always ends with and art.)

I started this blog back in 2016 (with the domain asdfghjuliet). It started as a passion project, a medium to share my experiences from adulting to travel, to potentially reach out to readers who are going through the same things as I am. But life happened—I graduated college and started working for media companies as a writer, producer, content editor, social media manager, digital marketing specialist, SEO, basically anything involving web content. Pre-pandemic, I was offered a producer job by a cruise company, which I’m lucky to still have three years later. Long story short, I now have the luxury to write for pleasure as I never have to worry about staying long hours at work.

There is a lot to catch up on as I have not made any efforts to monetize this blog since, but my annual plan is getting heavier as more bills go on the table, so I’ve decided to rebrand this 2021 as ampersart. Please note that I might receive a small affiliate commission when you purchase products mentioned in my posts. Rest assured that opinions are still mine, and I hope you respect them.

Should you decide to use any of my work, please give proper credit and link back to my site if possible.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message if:

  • you have any suggestions and/or recommendations about pretty much anything
  • you are an artist wanting to collaborate for a film, book, music, etc
  • you are a brand or business wanting to work with me (or sponsor me)
  • you are feeling a bit off today, and you want to talk to someone

I’ve deactivated/deleted my social media accounts since the pandemic happened. Seriously, no one has heard from me except for about three friends for the past year! As much as I’d like to share my day-to-day with you, I’m taking a sweet time off the grid. Please do email me at hello@ampersart.com if you want to reach out (or just use the contact form above, but it might be a little delayed)—I’d love to hear from you!

If I take too long to reply, I’m probably working on a project, on the road, at a coffee shop, or just around petting cats.

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