Art in the Park Minneapolis: The First in the City

Art in the Park Minneapolis: The First in the City

Attention, Minneapolis! The first-ever Art in the Park is happening on May 11, from 2 PM to 6 PM, at Gateway Park, located in 113 Hennepin, Minneapolis. Made possible by artist Phil Hansen, Art in the Park aims to provide a free space for emerging artists to showcase their products.

Hansen, in discussing the event, shared his inspiration: “I’ve been visiting with people in the community about what is missing locally in the art scene as I’m planning to open a gallery later this year. One of the things that came up again and again was a space for young and emerging artists, even a place for artists that enjoy creating but aren’t trying to make it a career.”

Art in the Park is not only the first-ever free art event in Minneapolis but also the city’s first monthly art event. The event will happen every second Saturday of the month up to September.

Art in the Park Minneapolis

For artists, participation is simple—just show up with a blanket or a table alongside your arts and crafts to set up your little shop. As for attendees, some cash might come in handy.

Aside from providing a space for artists to showcase their products, the event also offers photo opportunities, subdued live music, and spaces where everyone can draw and make art.

Another goal for Art in the Park Minneapolis is to encourage people to buy and support local art.

“As Art in the Park grows, I really hope it becomes a place where you’ll see things that give you a sense of delight, things that push your comfort, but most importantly a place where you can engage in conversations with artists on a continuous schedule and not only see them once a year,” said Hansen, highlighting the community-building aspect of the event.

Hansen’s own experience at a “free for artists” event in Seattle served as the inspiration for Art in the Park. “I know this isn’t a gallery setting but having a space that is open to everyone is a good start,” added Hansen.

For more information about Art in the Park Minneapolis, visit, email, or text 651-321-4996. You can also follow @artintheparkdotart on Instagram.

P.S. I’m also going to be there!

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