Bangkok Itinerary (4D3N)

Bangkok Itinerary (4D3N)

So as you know I went to Bangkok alone. Although I booked the flight months ago, I was too busy to even prepare a detailed itinerary. I went there without any plans—no Bangkok itinerary, to begin with, just a list of places I wanted to visit.

My roundtrip airfare ticket was only priced at PHP 2,500/THB 1,519/USD 50 roundtrip because I booked it last February during a flight sale. It may have taken me a few months before I celebrated my own Valentine’s day, but it was super worth it.

Bangkok itinerary - Chao Phraya River
Chao Phraya River

I booked an Airbnb condo room near the BTS Ekkamai station. A one-bedroom in Lumpini Place Rama 4 only costs about PHP 650/THB 395/USD 13 per night (about PHP 2,000+/THB 1,221+/USD 40 for 3 nights inclusive of other fees).

It was a good location for me because the streets are not too crowded, providing me with a good night’s sleep, unlike the usual Khao San Road backpackers area. It’s still up to you where you want to stay but a safety tip I recommend for solo female travelers is to book a place near any BTS station.

Bangkok Travel Tips

Buy the AIS sim card

AIS sim card Bangkok Thailand

There’s a stall available at the airport but you can also buy this sim card at any mall in the city. It only costs PHP 164/THB 100/USD 3. You can load another PHP 164/THB 100/USD 3 for unlimited internet that’s already good for a week.

I wasn’t able to buy one because I’m on a postpaid plan so my phone is locked for my sim card. Imagine not having internet—I was literally asking people around for instructions!

Download a translator app

A translator app is helpful for you because not all Thai people can speak fluent English. Some Thai people already have translator apps on their phones. You’ll speak on the phone and it will be easily translated into Thai, and vice versa. It was actually a little fun to experience that—thanks to technology.

Download an offline map

Since I didn’t have internet, an offline map came in handy. MAPS.ME was very helpful as I did more walking than taking public transportation.

If you’re using MAPS.ME, make sure to download the area map before going out so you can still access the detailed map. Plus, it detects your location even without data.

Download the Bangkok Metro App

Bangkok metro app

Locals recommend this app so it will be easier to navigate through the train stations. It can be pretty confusing at first since there are a few interchanging stations.

The app includes the MRT, BTS, and ARL maps.

Buy the BTS One-Day Pass

BTS Train one day pass
BTS One-Day Pass

BTS One-Day Pass is a value-for-money ticket if your plans for the day include a lot of going to places from the other side of town. Even the locals recommend buying it.

You’ll have unlimited passes for only PHP 229/THB 140/USD 5 for one day, but they also offer up to a week of unlimited passes.

Ride a tuktuk wisely

Tuktuk in Bangkok

You’ve probably read blogs about tuktuk scammers, and the stories are actually true. Don’t be too gullible. I’d suggest you avoid riding a tuktuk as much as possible but do try it at least once for the experience.

When all else fails, book a Grab

The Grab app was also a lifesaver. I booked one (PHP 574/THB 350/USD 12) when I arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport to go to my Airbnb in Ekkamai because I still didn’t know how to use the train.

Bangkok traffic can burn you out so taxis won’t be a wise choice. At least with Grab, you have a fixed price. This can be your option if you’re lost somewhere and you don’t see any public transportation around.

Grab Bangkok Thailand

Anyway! For my Bangkok itinerary, this is just ideal based on my trial and error experience in the country. My spontaneous trip looked very chaotic, and I spent a lot of money on the fare alone.

Also, note that this is a budget for those traveling solo.

Bangkok Itinerary (4D3N)

Day 1: Museums & Shopping

6:15 AMFlight from NAIA, Philippines
10:00 AMSuvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand
11:00 AMTake ARL Suvarnabhumi to Phaya Thai (PHP 73/THB 45/USD 2), then interchange from ARL Phaya Thai to BTS Phaya Thai
12:00 NNETA Lumpini Place; Lunch
1:00 PMTake the BTS from Ekkamai to BTS Siam
1:30 PMLunch
2:30 PMJim Thompson Museum (PHP 492/THB 300/USD 10 entrance fee)
4:00 PMBangkok Art and Culture Centre (Free)
6:30 PMSiam Paragon Mall
7:00 PMTake BTS Skytrain Silom Line from Siam to Saphan Taksin
7:30 PMRide the free boat from Sathorn to Asiatique
8:00 PMAsiatique Riverfront
11:30 PMETA Lumpini Place

TOTAL BUDGET: PHP 1781+/THB 1085+/USD 35+

Bangkok Itinerary - Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The first day is basically a trip to the nearby museums, food, and some shopping. The Asiatique is perfect for a casual night out with all the bars and buffet restaurants by the river—perfect to cap a day of museums and shopping.

Day 2: Temples & Khao San Road

7:00 AMBreakfast
7:30 AMTake BTS Ekkamai to BTS Saphan Taksin (PHP 72/THB 44/USD 2)
8:00 AMRide Express Ferry (orange flag) from Sathorn to Tha Tien (PHP 24/THB 15/USD 0.5)
8:30 AMWat Arun
9:30 AMRide Express Ferry from Tha Tien to Tha Chang (PHP 24/THB 15/USD 0.5)
9:40 AMGrand Palace (PHP 820/THB 500/USD 16)
11:00 AMWat Pho (PHP 164/THB 100/USD 3)
12:15 PMLunch
1:00 PMBangkok National Museum (PHP 328/THB 200/USD 7)
3:00 PMRide Express Ferry from Tha Chang to Tha Wang Lang (PHP 24/THB 15/USD 0.5)
3:20 PMSiriraji Medical Museum (PHP 492/THB 300/USD 10)
5:00 PMRide Express Ferry from Tha Wang Lang to Tha Phra Atit (PHP 24/THB 15/USD 0.5)
5:30 PMKhao San Road
10:00 PMETA Lumpini Place

TOTAL BUDGET: PHP 2873+/THB 1750+/USD 57+

Bangkok itinerary - Wat Arun
Wat Arun

The second day is the busiest day because it’s when I visited the world-renowned temples of Bangkok.

Side-tripping to the museums is a good way to rest after strolling the temples. And of course, the nightlife on Khao San Road shouldn’t be missed.

Bangkok itinerary - Khao San Road
Khao San Road

Day 3: More Shopping

10:00 AMBrunch
11:00 AMTake BTS Ekkamai to BTS Mo Chit (PHP 72/THB 44/USD 1.5)
11:30 AMChatuchak Market
5:00 PMStreet food
5:30 PMTake MRT Chatuchak to MRT Hua Llampong (PHP 65/THB 40/USD 1)
6:30 PMYaowarat; Dinner
9:00 PMGet a Thai massage (PHP 492/THB 300/USD 10)
11:00 PMETA Lumpini Place

TOTAL BUDGET: PHP 3119+/THB1900+/USD 62+

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market

The third day is basically shopping, food-tripping, and massage day. It’s your last full day in Bangkok so might as well enjoy the busy streets like Chatuchak Weekend Market and Yaowarat (Chinatown).

Bangkok itinerary - Yaowarat

Day 4: Flight Home

7:00 AMBreakfast
8:00 AMTake BTS Ekkamai to BTS Phaya Thai (PHP 72/THB 44/USD 1.5)
8:30 AMInterchange to ARL Phaya Thai to ARL Suvarnabhumi (PHP 73/THB 45/USD 1.5)
9:00 AMSuvarnabhumi Airport
1:00 PMETA NAIA, Philippines


Be sure to prepare some snacks for the road. The 711 convenience store helped a lot, plus they’re pretty cheap—especially the soy milk.

Wat Pho in Bangkok
Wat Pho

Other blogs also suggest adding a day trip to Ayutthaya or Pattaya to your Bangkok itinerary, even a trip to neighboring countries like Cambodia or Vietnam.

There are buses available along Khao San Road (start at PHP 1149+/THB700+/USD 23). It’s recommended if you have more time to spare.

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