Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran: Camiguin’s Safe Haven

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran: Camiguin’s Safe Haven

My whole Camiguin trip wouldn’t be complete without my stay at Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran, seriously. They made my last-minute getaway pretty easy.

First things first, Bintana sa Paraiso is owned by Kate Hancock, who grew up in Camiguin and now resides in Orange County, California. I wasn’t able to meet or talk to her but her leadership reflects in her staff. She’s an effective mentor as I could tell that her team looks up to her. And fun fact: she’s actually the niece of the owner of Camiguin’s very own Vjandep Bakeshop.

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran panorama
Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran

I fell in love the moment I stepped into the little haven. I loved the view as you can see the White Island from afar. There’s a pool available for all the guests. The whole staff was VERY accommodating, but it wasn’t the kind of accommodating that would make you feel like someone is interfering with your personal space—it was homey.

I communicated with Jayr, the manager for Binunsaran, all from booking to my arrival up until my check-out, and he was attentive to my needs. They all think of the guests’ experience more than anything else.

And boy, waking up to a quiet, misty morning with nothing but birds serenading me was a completely different experience. It was the most serene birthday morning I ever had that I almost cried.  

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran

Anyway, I booked the Dome Glamping for the first night and then Tikihut Deluxe Room for the second night. Read on for my review of the rooms!

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran dome glamping
Dome Glamping

Priced at PHP 4,500 per night, Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping was worth every penny. I can’t stress that enough. I love the whole design. It’s something you usually just see on Pinterest. I was also surprised to know it’s completely airconditioned. 

I’m not going to lie—this place would be waaaay better if you’re with someone, whether it’s your loved one or girl friends. A picnic while playing cards on the mat sounds like a good idea. Just look at this whole space!

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping
Dome Glamping

And have I mentioned it comes with Frette robes?

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping frette robe

I could lay on this bed for hours, seriously, it was so comfy that I finally had that good night’s sleep I’d been craving for so long. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping
Dome Glamping

The bathroom, on the other hand, may seem a bit inconvenient for some because you have to go out and walk (if you’re scared of night insects, it’s a REAL struggle), but just think that the whole point of glamping is to feel like camping (in a sophisticated way). There’s no bathroom in real camping!

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping bathroom
Dome Glamping bathroom

Another thing is that insects are to be expected all night. It’s normal. Again, if you’re scared like me, better book the Tikihut instead. In my experience, there was a bee flying inside the dome all night. I’m not entirely sure how it got there but I left my phone on the table vibrating for like two minutes when someone was calling me. It’s a weird theory we could all believe in. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Dome Glamping
Dome Glamping

While it’s harmless, I know how it feels like to literally stay under the covers all night so I suggest the Tikihut! I still loved the whole experience, though. I was in touch with nature.

They are planning to renovate the Dome. It’s possibly going to have its own pool soon! 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe Queen

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe
Tikihut Deluxe

I moved to the Tikihut on my second day (not because of the bee, I had this reserved before that hah!). 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe room
Tikihut Deluxe

Priced at PHP 3,500 per night, the interior really reminded me of Bali with the sliding door and lighting but it was more of the modern Airbnb I stayed in Canggu. The only thing missing was a bathtub although the bathroom was already spacious enough! 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe bathroom
Tikihut Deluxe bathroom

Going out of the room, however, will remind you of Ubud. The spacious balcony would, again, be perfect for a quiet breakfast with your beau. There’s a yoga mat for morning practice or meditation. The space works for a night of chill drinking and playing cards with friends, too. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe
Tikihut Deluxe

Waking up on my third day, I had my breakfast on the balcony and it was yet again foggy. A few cups of hot coffee felt so nice. Just writing this down now makes me want to go back. I miss the serenity. 

Plus, you can see White Island from there!

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran Tikihut Deluxe white island view
View of White Island from Tikihut Deluxe

In-house Restaurant and Bar

The boutique hotel has an in-house restaurant called Josh + Luke. It’s highly convenient since the place is out of reach. Prepare at least PHP 500 for a meal for two. Otherwise, they have a corkage fee if you bring your own food. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran in-house restaurant
Josh + Luke restaurant

I tried their Grilled Pork (PHP 350) with rice (additional PHP 25). It’s a little chewy but it’s savory enough and served with a soy-vinegar sauce. I didn’t expect it to be a huge serving! I believe it would be enough to fill up two people. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran grilled pork
Grilled Pork (PHP 350)

If there’s one more thing I love about Bintana sa Paraiso, it’s that they serve alcohol. Beer, cocktails*, tequila shots, including the fanciest of wines, they have it all. Cocktails range from PHP 190 to PHP 250 (still cheaper than BGC price so it’s good hah).

*Cocktail images courtesy of Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran

Additionally, all bookings come with a free breakfast for two with pressed coffee produced by Vjandep. You can choose either American or Filipino.

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran breakfast

American breakfast comes with two nicely toasted bread, bacon, eggs, and butter on the side. The Filipino meal, on the other hand, comes with corned beef, eggs, and rice. Both are served with a slice of ripe mango. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Binunsaran breakfast

PS. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone—they’ll actually give you free breakfast for two!

Here’s a picture of their menu for reference! Oh, and they have vegetarian meals, too.


Bintana sa Paraiso offers tours that are good for up to four people. I did the multi-cab tour for two days which cost me PHP 5,000. Not a bad rate for a solo private tour as I was able to go around one of the best islands in the Philippines hassle-free.

You may check my full Camiguin itinerary for more information.

Old Church Ruins Camiguin
Old Church Ruins

As for the pick-up and drop-off, they charge PHP 800 one-way, which is again convenient if you’re coming in groups.

For solo travelers, you can minimize the cost by proceeding to the tour upon airport pick-up. You can do White Island in the afternoon. 

White Island Camiguin
White Island

As you know by now, I enjoy my private time. I don’t usually start a conversation with my tour guide because well, what’s the point of doing solo travel, right? 

This tour I had with Bintana sa Paraiso was different. I went with Kuya Chito and Dodong (although the second day was only with Kuya Chito). They both assisted me very well and were both welcoming to my questions and suggestions for the tour.

Kuya Chito, in particular, knows almost everything about the spots. He knows what he’s talking about being a local in Camiguin and working for the local tourism government for quite some time. It’s a plus for me when I learn more about the locals. 

Alternatively, they offer scooter rental for PHP 500 per day.

Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag

To date, there are two Bintana sa Paraiso branches in Camiguin. You might have seen the one in Naasag in various reviews all over the globe.

Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag
Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag

I went to visit the place and it was also really lovely! It resembles that of a Greek house with a more modern interior. 

Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag room
Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag

I can’t say which one is better because I was only able to stay in Binunsaran. But if you want a complete social media detox and be a few steps away from the sea, book Naasag. There is absolutely no reception here. Plus, you have your own private pool.

Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag pool
Bintana sa Paraiso Naasag

Other Things You Need to Know

  • You may arrange early check-in, but their general check-in is at 3 PM while check-out is 12 PM. There’s technically no fee for an additional person. You only have to pay for the extra bed for PHP 500. One room can accommodate up to four people.
  • Most of their guests are American and European backpackers and couples. I’m not sure if it’s true but they said I was the first solo female traveler they hosted. Hah!
  • In case you’re planning to tie the knot in Camiguin, they also accept private events. It would be a cute and intimate wedding venue.

For more information, you may email or contact Jayr at 09970683570. This article is in partnership with Bintana sa Paraiso. However, opinions are mine. 

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