Things to Do in Cloud 9 Siargao Besides Surfing

Things to Do in Cloud 9 Siargao Besides Surfing

Cloud 9 Siargao is only a 10 to 15-minute walk from my accommodation (I stayed in Lampara Hostel), but I wasn’t able to visit until my 4th day on the island.

Cloud 9 siargao
Cloud 9 boardwalk

It’s my first day that I was entirely alone on this trip as I did joiner tours for Sohoton Cove/Tri-Island and Sugba Lagoon/Land tour. I didn’t have any plans so I did a little food-tripping and went directly to Cloud 9 Siargao in the afternoon to take some time and reflect.

Luckily, I had an entire floor of the boardwalk to myself for an hour.

Cloud 9 siargao
Cloud 9 boardwalk

There’s an entrance fee of PHP 50, but it’s an unlimited stay so why not? Please also note that there’s a limit of 100 people (if I remember it correctly) at the boardwalk to prevent it from collapsing. I don’t think it gets that packed aside from the day of the Cloud 9 Surfing Cup.

If you want to surf, surfboard rent with an instructor will cost about PHP 300 to PHP 400. Be ready for a few cuts and bruises here and there.

Cloud 9 siargao surfboard rentals
Surfboard rental

I was really curious about surfing as everyone says it’s addicting. I think I’m just not ready for it yet. Maybe it can be a reason to go back, maybe not.

Anyway, I went back the next morning to watch the sunrise. I’m more of a sunset person mainly because I don’t wake up early, but it was worth it.

Cloud 9 siargao sunrise
Sunrise at Cloud 9

After that, I had my breakfast bowl at the famed Shaka Siargao. This is the view from there:

Shaka Cafe

Shaka is only a few steps away from the boardwalk so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Prepare to shed about PHP 200 to PHP 300.

Shaka Cafe smoothie bowls

Cloud 9 Siargao beyond surfing…

Basically, aside from surfing, here are the things you can do at (or near) Cloud 9 Siargao:

  • Conquer your fear of heights and walk all the way through the 300-meter boardwalk.
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  • Have a me-time at the viewing deck – read, write, paint, reflect.
  • Swim, of course.
  • Eat at Shaka Siargao.
Cloud 9 siargao boardwalk
Cloud 9 boardwalk

I don’t think you’ll need a tour for Cloud 9 Siargao because it’s just along Tourism Road. A habal-habal ride going there will only cost you PHP 20 (solo) if you’re around General Luna.

View my full Siargao itinerary here.

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