Don Antonio Tattoo, Quezon City

Don Antonio Tattoo, Quezon City

Getting a tattoo is one of the most common things we put on our bucket lists. They say it’s only for the brave, but in all honesty, it felt natural for me to get one even if I know my parents won’t approve.

It’s been a year since I got inked at Don Antonio Tattoo in Quezon City, and it’s still among the most memorable firsts of my life. Read below for my experience.

Don Antonio Tattoo Experience

Of course, I had to stalk numerous tattoo shops in Manila before I finally decided to contact one. I found Don Antonio Tattoo in Quezon City, and I immediately trusted this shop after reading all the positive reviews.

Don Antonio Tattoo

I was very nervous upon entering the shop as it was my first time. It seemed painful in the movies but the artists at Don Antonio Tattoo were very nice that they assured me it’s not going to hurt as much. I’m not sure why, but I chose Goku out of all their artists. I was happy with his work.

I was shaking the moment I sat on the tattoo chair. Thankfully, Goku was very understanding that he gave me a few minutes to compose myself before putting the needle. News flash: it didn’t really hurt.

Don Antonio Tattoo

I’m not sure about the other tattoo artists out there, but I think Goku’s hand was super light that I didn’t feel the pressure on my skin. Note that our bodies react differently, so better follow your instincts.

You may also check their Facebook for the sample works of their artists.


The first one I got is the airplane on my right wrist. This one stung a bit especially when Goku was filling the insides.

Don Antonio Tattoo

The second one is this ampersand on my back. I didn’t feel this one at all, even when the tattoo chart says the spine is one of the most painful of all. This is definitely my favorite:

I got these two tattoos for only PHP 1500 / USD 27. I was able to negotiate with Don Antonio Tattoo beforehand so you may try to haggle with them as I did. It won’t hurt to ask.

Tattoo Tips

Think about your design more than once

As much as possible, do not, I repeat, DO NOT get a design that’s related to your current romantic interest, because you might regret it later on. Think twice, thrice, or more when choosing the design you want. Don’t be this guy:

Know the tattoo pain chart

What’s painful for me may not be painful for you, and vice versa. It’s important to know your pain tolerance to avoid mishaps. Worse comes to worst, you pick a large design only to find out that you have low pain tolerance, so you have to ask the artist to leave it unfinished.

If you’re still hesitant, get a small tattoo first to test your tolerance.

Stalk your desired artist if you must

It’s better if you go to a tattoo shop with a specific artist in mind. Check their portfolio online so you know how they work.

Like I’ve said, Don Antonio Tattoo regularly posts their customers’ new tattoos on Facebook, along with the artist who did them. They’re all good but you may also ask them who specializes in which design to be sure.

Follow the shop’s aftercare instructions carefully

Immediately after the process, Don Antonio Tattoo will provide you with a copy of the aftercare instructions. The artists will also explain it to you so better listen carefully.

I followed it step by step, hence, my healing process was quite fast and didn’t result in any infection whatsoever. Follow the rules for once, please.

Never settle for a cheap tattoo

I can’t stress this any better—don’t ever, ever settle for a cheap tattoo. I know it can be tempting to get one from the first tattoo shop you see, but try to invest as much as possible. A 1×1 tattoo typically starts at PHP 1500 / USD 27 in the Philippines. Make sure to choose a DOH-certified tattoo shop.

Overall, my first tattoo experience at Don Antonio Tattoo was worth it. I’d recommend this shop to friends!

Don Antonio Tattoo is located in Unit A, 2nd floor, 24 Chanca Building, Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City. They’re open from 11 AM to 8 PM on Mondays to Saturdays, and 9 AM to 8 PM on Tuesdays.

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