Must-Have Fall Outfit Ideas

Must-Have Fall Outfit Ideas

As the leaves gracefully fall and the autumn breeze gives that crisp chill, the allure of fall fashion beckons, urging us to embrace layers, rich hues, and statement pieces. We’re talking layers, deep colors, and pieces that just scream “fall vibes.” Fall is my favorite season, and if I’m being perfectly honest, fall outfits are one of the reasons why.

I love wearing turtlenecks, plaid skirts, tights, and boots; or a simple sweater, jeans, and a coat later in the season—without too much layering like during winter.

Here are some of my favorite fall outfits.

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Turtleneck + puffer jacket + jeans

Fall outfits - turtleneck top, straight leg jeans, puffer jacket, ankle boots

This is one of those fall outfits that scream comfort and sophistication. The turtleneck top provides both warmth and a chic, polished look, serving as the perfect base for a fall outfit. Adding a puffer jacket (more chic if cropped) brings a layer of insulation for colder temperatures. It’s a versatile choice for casual outings, city strolls, or weekend adventures.

Shop this look:

Turtleneck top | Straight leg jeans | Puffer jacket | Ankle boots | Handbag

Cashmere sweater + plaid skirt + Mary Jane shoes

Cashmere sweater, plaid skirt, mary jane shoes

Picture a quintessential fall day, and there’s an outfit that effortlessly captures the essence of the season—a cozy cashmere sweater paired with a plaid skirt, and adorned with the timeless charm of Mary Jane shoes. I love Mary Jane shoes—they were so iconic and are an instant throwback to elementary school (I had to wear a uniform). Inspired by dark academia style, this is one of my favorite fall outfits as it has the season’s traditional patterns and textures.

Shop this look:

Cashmere sweater | Plaid skirt | Mary Jane shoes | Thigh high socks | Leather bag

Long dress + oversized cardigan

Fall outfits - long dress, oversized cardigan, tights, lace up boots

Cottagecore style is definitely in during fall, so embrace the whimsy of the season with a charming outfit featuring a long dress, an oversized cardigan, tights, and lace-up boots. The long dress serves as the focal point, offering a graceful and flowy silhouette, while layering with an oversized cardigan adds a cozy touch. Complete it with lace-up boots and a statement canvas tote bag, and you’re all set.

And yes, this fall outfit is inspired by Taylor Swift’s folklore/evermore era.

You can wear any long dress, but it’s even cuter if you use the colors of fall. Here’s one that I like:

Shop this look:

Long dress | Oversized cardigan | Tights | Lace-up boots | Tote bag

Turtleneck bodysuit + corduroy pants

Fall outfits - turtleneck bodysuit, corduroy pants, ankle boots

This is one of my go-to fall outfits. Turtleneck bodysuits are a must especially if you’re getting tired of tucking your sweater in. Of course, corduroy pants are a must for classic fall fabrics. I love them a lot because you can always dress them up or down. For a classy look, you can do a low ponytail and wear your favorite pair of hoop earrings.

Shop this look:

Turtleneck bodysuit | Corduroy pants | Ankle boots | Crossbody bag | Hoop earrings

Turtleneck sweater + plaid coat + velvet skirt

Fall outfits - turtleneck sweater, velvet skirt, plaid coat, oxford shoes, satchel bag

Another dark academia-inspired fall outfit, this one might be one of my favorites. It’s timeless yet luxurious, effortlessly blending cozy layers with rich textures and classic patterns. There’s just something about plaid coats that makes an outfit stand out every time. Grounding the look with oxford shoes and a messenger bag adds a touch of vintage charm.

Shop this look:

Turtleneck sweater | Velvet skirt | Plaid coat | Oxford shoes | Messenger bag

Midi black dress + houndstooth coat + scarf

Black dress, gingham coat, scarf, pumps

This is one of the best fall outfits for date nights. I love a good midi black dress with a square or sweetheart neckline—it always screams elegance. Adding a layer of charm is a houndstooth coat that introduces a playful pattern, creating a visual contrast against the simplicity of the black dress. Complete the style with classic black pumps and your favorite scarf for cooler temperatures.

Shop this look:

Midi black dress | Houndstooth coat | Scarf | Pumps | Clutch purse

Statement sweater + plaid skirt + tights

Statement sweater, plaid skirt, tights, ankle boots

Here’s another one of those fall outfits that surely balances boldness and sophistication, featuring a statement sweater paired with a classic plaid skirt. The eye-catching design of the sweater becomes the centerpiece, adding a playful element to the overall look. Of course, plaid skirts are better with tights and Chelsea boots. This is my usual comfy outfit in the fall.

Shop this look:

Statement sweater | Plaid skirt | Tights | Ankle boots | Leather backpack

Button up shirt + sweater vest + skirt

White button up shirt, sweater vest, skirt, thigh high boots

If you want to elevate your fall fashion, try a white button-up shirt paired with a sweater vest, a stylish skirt, and thigh-high boots. The classic white button-up shirt serves as the canvas for this chic look; and layered with a sweater vest, this fall outfit achieves both that preppy charm and contemporary style. I like pairing this outfit with a stylish black skirt and thigh-high boots for a touch of glamour.

Shop this look:

White button-up shirt | Sweater vest | Skirt | Thigh high boots | Shoulder bag

Striped shirt + oversized leather jacket + jeans

Striped shirt, oversized leather jacket, jeans, loafers

I mean, who says you can’t wear a striped shirt in the fall? It’s a versatile base but perfect when paired with an oversized leather jacket and ankle jeans, and of course, some sleek loafers. It’s comfortable yet polished, not to mention easy to throw together. By now, you’d know I’m obsessed with loafers, too.

Shop this look:

Striped shirt | Oversized leather jacket | Ankle jeans | Loafers | Handbag

Sweater, silk maxi skirt

Sweater, silk maxi skirt, flats

A simple date night outfit is this cozy sweater and silk maxi skirt pair, even better if you have pointed flats with playful patterns or slingback heels with bold colors—think red or orange. It’s effortlessly elegant, ideal for warmer fall temperatures.

Shop this look:

Sweater | Silk maxi skirt | Flats | Crossbody bag

Oversized sweater + skinny jeans

Oversized sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots

A key to a comfy fall outfit? Oversized sweaters. I’m obsessed.

Pair it with straight-leg or skinny jeans, ankle boots, and an oversized bag, and it doubles as a cozy yet chic office outfit. It’s also ideal for running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, or enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Shop this look:

Oversized turtleneck sweater | Skinny jeans | Ankle boots | Leather tote bag

Sweater + black dress + tights

Black dress, sweater, tights, ankle boots

Here’s your chance to flaunt your favorite black dress. Layer with a sweater and tights, and some high-heeled Chelsea boots, and you’re in for a cute look. This fall outfit is easy to dress up or down too, it will all depend on your choice of accessories.

Shop this look:

Black dress | Turtleneck top | Tights | Ankle boots | Crossbody bag

Cropped cardigan + plaid trousers

Fall outfits - cropped cardigan, plaid pants, loafers

For a chic Parisian-style fall outfit, try pairing a cropped cardigan with plaid pants and loafers. The cropped cardigan adds a touch of warmth while maintaining a stylish silhouette, and when paired with plaid pants, you’re in for a timeless pattern of fall. Again with the loafers, of course, but choose one with a slightly chunky base. This is the time to use your favorite vintage leather bag.

Shop this look:

Cropped cardigan | Plaid trousers | Loafers | Vintage bag

Black dress + long red coat

Black dress, long red coat, knee high boots

A striking and bold fall outfit features a classic velvet black dress (a babydoll dress would be cute) paired with a long red coat and knee-high boots. The vibrant red coat is the only dramatic accent you’ll ever need, which is why it’s one of my must-have fashion pieces. This is perfect for making a statement at formal events or adding a dose of glamour to a night out on the town.

Shop this look:

Black dress | Long red coat | Knee-high boots | Clutch bag

Turtleneck sweater + plaid coat + jeans

Black turtleneck, jeans, long plaid coat, Doc Martens, red backpack

Another go-to fall outfit for me is anything involving a turtleneck sweater, mom or baggy jeans, and Dr. Martens. I don’t know about you, but Dr. Martens are my favorite shoes during fall. Throw in a thick, long plaid coat to keep you warm. You can use any color for the turtleneck, but if you’re wearing black, a red backpack is enough to break off the monotone.

Shop this look:

Black turtleneck sweater | Jeans | Long plaid coat | Dr. Martens | Red backpack

Tee + shacket + leather skirt

Tank top, leather skirt, shacket, ankle boots

For an edgy fall outfit, especially during warmer temperatures wear a tee (preferably statement), leather skirt, shacket (shirt jacket), and ankle boots. I like shackets because they are just so versatile, and for fall, you can also look for the flannel ones. If it’s colder outside, you can throw in thicker tights. Oh, and I like pairing velvet ankle boots with leather skirts for a play in textures.

Shop this look:

Statement tee | Leather skirt | Shacket | Ankle boots | Backpack

Which of these fall outfits are you trying this season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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