Lampara Siargao: My First Hostel Experience

Lampara Siargao: My First Hostel Experience

The last thing that I would want to do is to stay at a hostel as a highly-introverted solo traveler. But since I wanted my Siargao itinerary to be quite experiential, I booked Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel.

Lampara Siargao room

If you know me personally, you’d know how picky I am when it comes to pretty much everything. I always check the reviews, and consider the convenience and cleanliness, among many other factors when it comes to accommodations. I’m also more of a comfort than cost person, so a few extra bucks to pay is fine just to ensure I’m well-rested.

I was initially looking for beachfront accommodation but I couldn’t find one that would be convenient when it comes to transportation. I don’t know how to ride a scooter so…

View from the hostel

Lo and behold, I found Lampara Siargao, which opened in February this year so I know it’s clean and new. The cost is okay for me considering that it’s located in the middle of General Luna, highly accessible to restaurants and spots around the area.

They offer PHP 1,050 per night—a bit higher than most hostels on the island that range from PHP 300 to PHP 600.

Lampara Siargao

You’ll be greeted at the front desk upon arrival. They will instruct you about the rules, do’s and dont’s, and more. First I learned is that you can’t wear slippers or shoes in the common area and rooms.

Lampara Siargao room

Now onto the room—it’s clean and spacious for eight people. My bed is modest enough to give me a good night’s sleep as it’s complete with what seems like a faux fur blanket and a soft pillow. I was lucky enough to get the bottom bunk (it’s on a first-come, first-served basis).

I love how the bed has a curtain to ensure privacy between guests as some of the hostels I saw don’t have it. There is also a mini white lamp and some electric sockets inside your little nook.

I suggest you bring your own padlock for your locker though they have one for PHP 100.

The CR is surprisingly spacious. It has ample space that doubles as a dressing spot, a wide bathroom sink, a clean toilet bowl, and a shower with warm water.

They also have an outdoor toilet in case someone is using the one in your room.

Free breakfast!

I like that they offer free breakfast ranging from toasts to granola bowls although I didn’t eat much here (because I wanted to try cafes like Shaka and Greenhouse).

You’re free to craft your own power breakfast every morning and chill with the other guests. They have banana, mango, granola, fresh milk, bread, and brewed coffee.

Other perks

Guests are free to stay in the common area with swings and games for you to play.

As for the hostel interaction, well, they will invite you to parties and activities every night.

They have a board that you can check if you want to join the fun. I wasn’t able to join any because I instantly clicked with my tour buddies from the first day so I spent more time with them.

I was the youngest guest at the hostel—I felt a bit out of place because I don’t really enjoy large crowds. Thank the universes, however, that the hostel is within walking distance from food spots like Leche Ice Cream and White Banana.

If you prefer a private room, Lampara Siargao has a loft that is good for up to four people. Additionally, beachfront glamping domes are available ideally for couples.

All in all, I highly recommend Lampara Siargao for solo travelers. It will surely pass your standards when it comes to cleanliness and amenities! You may check their website for bookings and inquiries.

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