Leche Ice Cream Siargao and Its Unique Local Flavors

Leche Ice Cream Siargao and Its Unique Local Flavors

It was my first night on the island, and I was feeling a little homesick because it went dark before 5:30 PM. Siargao marks my first official solo travel in the country, making it a little different than my recent Bali and Bangkok trips.

Maybe it’s because the people speak my language—that I’m home but not really. Contrary to overseas travels, this local trip just made me miss my friends and the bustling CBD.

Leche Ice Cream

Anyway, my point is, I was lonely for the first time while traveling… so I got myself a little Leche Ice Cream treat.

Leche Ice Cream flavors

Probably even… a few more flavors. Obviously, my curiosity drove me to try them.

Leche Ice Cream flavors

I ate dinner at Harana Restaurant, and Leche Ice Cream was only across from where I was sitting. After a sumptuous dinner and a few bottles of beer, why not, right? Word of mouth is that Leche Ice Cream is also a favorite snack after a hot afternoon in Cloud 9.

Leche Ice Cream flavors to try

I started with Ube Ginataan because ube or purple yam is one of my favorite flavors of all. The ube part doesn’t really dominate the overall taste as it balances with the creaminess. It’s topped with crispy kamote or sweet potato.

Leche Ice Cream Ube Ginataan
Ube Ginataan

I tried Cocomangsi next. It’s basically coconut flavor drizzled with calamansi to add a touch of sourness to it. This one is topped with mango.

Cocomangsi flavor

Banana Cream Pie, meanwhile, gives off that banana split-like taste. I forgot the toppings though, I think it’s crushed graham?

Banana Cream Pie flavor
Banana Cream Pie

And of course, the highlight is Kape at Yosi. It resembles the aftertaste of Marlboro Red, in my opinion. But in general, it has a smokey coffee taste with a chocolatey twist. It’s decaf, I believe.

Leche Ice Cream Kape at Yosi flavor
Kape at Yosi

I’m not sure why their ice creams have this extra dense consistency compared to regular ice cream. Kind of like gelato but not really. I sure know I LOVED all of them, though. Another thing is that they provide a free taste, but don’t abuse it!

One scoop (well, more of one roll) of Leche Ice Cream costs PHP 100. It may be a little pricey but that’s the little sacrifice for supporting a local business.

Leche Ice Cream flavors

My favorite thing about Leche Ice Cream—apart from the given fact that the flavors are amazing—is that they use all local ingredients. Their ice creams are supposedly vegan-friendly, but I’m not sure if it applies to all flavors.

And can I also express my love for its serving?

Quaint spot of Leche Ice Cream across Harana

I went back here on my last night—good thing it’s a few steps away from my hostel Lampara Siargao. Leche Ice Cream also has a branch in La Union if you’re curious to try it.

Hopefully, they open one in Manila.

UPDATE 2020:

Leche Ice Cream’s La Union branch is now permanently closed. But good news! They’ve started accepting orders in Manila via their Instagram page. Plus, they have more mouthwatering flavors to try.

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