Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

I’ve been in four long distance relationships (including the one I have now) and believe me when I say I know how hard it is. I’m a millennial and I grew up at a time when the internet wasn’t really everywhere and reaching out was hard. Luckily, thanks to technology and people getting more creative through time, long distance relationship isn’t as hard as it used to be.

It takes time and effort, yes, but for extra thoughtful reassurances, here are the best long distance relationship gifts no matter if it’s for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or the holidays.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. This means I might receive a small commission when you purchase products through the links on my post. Rest assured that I always recommend products that I like and/or are best-sellers. 

Lovebox Black & White

This Lovebox reminds me of the magic crystal ball from Wednesday. You can send a message, animations, or drawings anytime through their app, and the heart will start turning to notify the receiver. This isn’t early 2000s— text messages or chats are easy to send, but this is still a steal for me.

Touch Lamp LED Light

Comes in a set of two, one lamp will light up the other lamp whenever you touch it, making the two of you feel like you’re in the same room. Handcrafted in Kansas, you can pick from over 250 colors to customize the lamp. Plus, with its simple design it will go well with any bedroom decor.

Long Distance Sucks Candle

For a witty yet useful long distance relationship gift idea for your boyfriend, this candle will burn for up to 40 hours. It’s hand-poured and made with 100 percent all-natural soy wax along with pure essential oils.

For Her Natural Soy Candle

Boys, here’s your for her alternative. That’s all.

Red String of Fate Bracelets

I’m not one for bracelets but this Red String of Fate set might be my exception. I’ve always loved this concept and it would be a sweet gift for your SO.

Bond Touch Long Distance Connection Bracelets

If you want a more modern couple bracelet, this one from Bond Touch is kind of like the touch lamp but you’ll have it on the go. You just touch it and your partner will mimic the natural vibration of your touch. It also comes with different accessory bands so you can switch it up.

Long Distance Love Capsules Letters

Works perfectly as Valentine’s day gift, these message-in-a-bottle notes are your best bet if you want to give your partner a daily dose of reassurance. I would personally prefer blank pieces of paper, but this one is perfect if you don’t have all the time in the world. Plus, you can always write at the back of the paper too.

A Year of Us: A Couple’s Journal

This is a fun guided journal for couples, covering everything from goals and dreams to sexual desires. You can buy one for each of you and share your thoughts on the phone or when you finally meet again. Each prompt only takes a few minutes a day.

Long Distance Key Chain

It might be just a simple keychain but seeing this everyday with your car keys or bag means everything when you’re apart. It’s a thoughtful reminder for your partner that you’ll love them no matter the distance.

Stir Your Tea & Think of Me

It doesn’t matter if your partner is a coffee or tea lover, this spoon is still as creative as it gets. Get it with a mug like this and you’re all set.

Online Dating Candle

I mean, a lot of long distance nowadays started through the internet, so why not, right? And you can never have enough scented candles. This soy candle burns up to 50 hours.

Natural Dried Lavender Flowers

I know actual fresh flowers are the norm, but dried flowers stay for longer. This lavender bundle is just so pretty to look at and would go well in any room, especially with boho decor.

Long Distance Couple Mugs

Couple mugs may be the simplest LDR gift, and this one comes in 19 designs to choose from. I also like the state-to-state design on this mug.

APP Remote Control Vibrator

I am honestly amazed by how technology has evolved. This remote control vibrator works with an app anywhere you are in the world and has more than 10 vibration modes. It’s USB-rechargeable, waterproof, and discreet. Apart from being one of the best long distance relationship gifts, you can also use the bluetooth mode to spice things up for when you meet.

Got any long distance relationship gifts suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

PS: if you need anyone to talk to, my inbox is always open. LDR sucks but sometimes all we need is an outside perspective to tell us everything’s going to be alright.

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