Most Beautiful Places in New York City

Most Beautiful Places in New York City

New York City is a fast-paced, ever-changing city, where every neighborhood feels like a different world on its own. And yet, the city remains as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its soaring skyscrapers, cobbled neighborhoods, and lush parks and gardens.

From century-old landmarks to gorgeous streets, here are the most beautiful places in New York City.

Central Park

Central Park, one of the most beautiful places in New York City
Central Park

No matter the season, Central Park remains one of the most beautiful places in New York City. It’s impossible to tackle the whole park in one day, being the largest in New York with over 800 acres of bodies of water and greenery, featuring beautiful bridges, statues, playgrounds, shops, dining, and more.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park

The prettiest spots include the Belvedere Castle, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Conservatory Garden, Loeb Boathouse, and Harlem Meer.

Empire State Building

View of the Empire State Building
Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one, if not the most famous building in the world, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most beautiful places in New York City. With 102 floors, the Art Deco building defines the city’s skyline.

One of the best things to do in New York City is to view the architectural wonder and the glistening city skyline from Top of the Rock.

View from Top of the Rock, one of the most beautiful places in New York City
View from Top of the Rock

Come at night and you’ll appreciate the building’s tower lights.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, one of the most beautiful places in New York City
Greenwich Village

Also called the Village, Greenwich Village is a charming neighborhood located on the west side of Lower Manhattan, and is home to brownstone buildings, local shops, off-Broadway theaters, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Part of the Greenwich Village is the West Village, an area popular for designer boutiques and quaint restaurants, as well as celebrity sightings.

Shops along the West Village
West Village

The Village is also home to undoubtedly one of the best pizza places in the city, John’s of Bleecker Street.

Pizza from John's of Bleecker Street
John’s of Bleecker Street

At the heart of the Village is Washington Square Park, which is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike.

Lush landscape of Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park

Apart from strolling and people-watching, you will also love the chess tables dotted at the park’s west end.

The High Line

View of the High Line
The High Line

Perhaps the most unique trail I’ve ever been on, the High Line is an elevated park on Manhattan’s West Side.

View from The High Line
The High Line

This 1.45-mile-long walkway is a former freight rail line, now a great place to do some people-watching, appreciate the lush greenery, view unique artworks, grab some street food, and view the stunning city skyline.

View from The High Line
View from The High Line

Every section of the park gives you a chance to view different buildings, from old brownstone apartments to mid to high-rise buildings, perfect for a different perspective on street photography.

Little Island

Lush landscape of the Little Island
Little Island

Opened in 2021, the Little Island rests on the former Pier 54, located on the Hudson River.

The two-acre artificial island boasts unique landscape architecture, featuring an amphitheater that hosts seasonal events, and play items such as Dance Chimes, Spun Chairs, and Spinning Discs.

Amphitheater on the Little Island
Little Island

As you ascend the island, you will also be greeted by one of the best views of the city’s skyscrapers.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exterior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) is one of the most beautiful places in New York City inside and out.

Its Beaux-Arts facade along Fifth Ave is the most popular, and its front steps are perfect for people-watching (even as a meeting place, as featured in Gossip Girl).

View of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inside, be prepared to be amazed by the Great Hall, which features beautiful limestone arches and columns, marbled floors, and an overlooking balcony with vaulted ceiling.

Ceilings of the Great Hall
The Great Hall

As one of the world’s largest art museums, The Met houses over two million artworks from all over the world. These artworks range from antiquities to paintings and sculptures, among many others.

Times Square


Times Square is a quintessential spot in New York City, with its colorful, neon-lit billboard signs and busy streets.

Originally called Longacre Square, the attraction is a hub for entertainment, shopping, dining, and of course, the annual New Year’s Eve celebration.

Come at midnight on a regular evening—11:57 PM to 12 AM, to be exact—and you’ll witness different artworks by contemporary artists flashed on the billboards.

Flat Iron Building

Beautiful architecture of the Flat Iron Building
Flat Iron Building

Originally called the Fuller Building, the Flat Iron Building is one of the most unique places in the city.

The building is made up of 22 floors, boasting a steel-skeleton structure. It was one of the first skyscrapers ever built in the city, dating back to 1902, and is now known as a national landmark.

The Flat Iron Building is located on the corner of Fifth Ave and Broadway, just across Madison Square Park, which is another must-see.

Grand Central Terminal

View inside the Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal

Another Beaux-Arts wonder is the Grand Central Terminal, one of the most stunning terminals in the world thanks to its baroque interior adorned with a celestial-themed ceiling and iconic Tiffany glass clock. Aside from being a transportation hub, it is also a shopping and dining destination.

While here, make sure to visit some of its popular dining spots, such as The Campbell, located in the southwest corner of the terminal.

The Campbell boasts a gorgeous 1920s interior featuring glass windows, hand-painted ceilings, and a grand stone fireplace, paired with a touch of contemporary design, where you can sit back and relax as you enjoy its old-fashioned cocktails.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Facade of Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Located in Midtown Manhattan, just across the Rockefeller Center, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is known for its Neo-Gothic architecture, featuring bronze front doors and stained glass windows.

View inside Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Inside the beautiful church, you’ll be awed by the high altar, covered by a bronze canopy, or baldachino, and marble arches set against its stunning windows. The hauntingly beautiful sounds inside are the work of the Gallery Organ, which contains 7,855 pipes that have been modernized since it was dedicated in 1930.

Moreover, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the United States, with a seating capacity of 2,000 people.

Statue of Liberty

View of the Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

The world-renowned Statue of Liberty symbolizes hope and spirit, inaugurated in 1886 and designated as a National Monument in 1924. A gift from the people of France, the neoclassical statue was designed by sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi in collaboration with engineer Gustave Eiffel, standing 305 ft tall on Liberty Island.

There are tours offering ferry rides to Liberty Island, but you can also enjoy the views from the water for free by taking the Staten Island ferry.


Washington Street, Dumbo, one of the most beautiful places in New York City
Washington Street, Dumbo

DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a beautiful neighborhood in Brooklyn, known for its cobblestone streets and industrial architecture. The former factory buildings here have been transformed into restaurants, galleries, and bookshops, making the entire neighborhood a haven for foodies and art lovers.

Dumbo’s Washington Street is perhaps the most visited, which offers views of the Manhattan Bridge set as a backdrop between brownstone buildings. Other popular attractions include St. Ann’s Warehouse and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of the most beautiful places in New York City
View from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the best places to visit in New York City for free. Located in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, it’s also a beautiful spot to view the Brooklyn Bridge set against the famed Manhattan skyline.

The 85-acre park offers a variety of activities such as kayaking and fishing and areas dedicated to picnics, sports, and people-watching.

Families with young kids can also enjoy the playgrounds, as well as Jane’s Carousel, a century-old antique ride housed in a glass pavilion.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park in the fall
Prospect Park

With over 500 acres, Prospect Park is a hidden gem in Brooklyn. The park houses a zoo, trails, and picnic areas, among other spaces for recreational activities such as skating, bird watching, biking, fishing, and boating, depending on the season.

Ducks within Prospect Park
Prospect Park

Some of the popular spots here include the Audubon Center, the Carousel, LeFrak Center at Lakeside, and of course, the Prospect Park Zoo.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Lush landscape of Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Adjacent to Prospect Park is the lush Brooklyn Botanic Garden, home to more than 14,000 plants from around the globe. The garden has a number of greenhouses and trails, which are particularly lovely in spring, when you can see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

The garden offers free admission on the weekdays from December to February (Tuesday to Friday). You can also check their website to know what’s currently in bloom.

Coney Island

Boardwalk in Coney Island
Coney Island

One of the most beautiful places in New York City, Coney Island is a seaside neighborhood in Brooklyn, about 30 minutes to an hour from Manhattan.

Rides in Coney Island
Coney Island

The waterfront promenade is home to playgrounds, restaurants, and shops, as well as the New York Aquarium and Luna Park, which offers action-packed rides like the Cyclone and Thunderbolt.

Sandy beach of Coney Island
Coney Island Beach

Additionally, Coney Island is home to two beaches attracting both locals and tourists in the summer, namely Coney Island Beach and Brighton Beach. Here, you can sunbathe and swim provided there’s a lifeguard on duty.

Don’t forget to try Nathan’s Famous located along the boardwalk, known for its hot dogs.

Most beautiful places in New York City
New York City

What are some of the most beautiful places in New York City that you’d recommend? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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