Movie Review: Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story)

Movie Review: Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story)

I knew I had to watch Sid and Aya the moment I saw its teaser trailer. As a fan of tragic stories, I really love how local films are producing more and more of this type of story over the past months, withdrawing from the usual sappy romance movies.

Fair warning: if you’re not a lover of tragedy, don’t attempt to watch this film.

Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story) movie review
Hindi lahat ng may I love you ay love story. – Sid

The plot

Sid is a rich stockbroker who suffers from insomnia. And there goes the cute, determined Aya, who works multiple jobs just to support her family. Sid offers her a job to keep him company for a few hours at night, and she accepts it because it’s easy money. Through all those nights, they form a special connection.

My Honest Opinion

First of all, I love Dingdong’s attitude in the movie. I’m used to seeing him as a classy gentleman who doesn’t know how to swear or get into a fight or even cheat on his girlfriend.

Anne, on the other hand, was a really adorable badass in the movie. Their acting was enough to make the storyline more realistic than it already is.

Their chemistry was different from the typical sweetheart team-ups we see in the local showbiz and that’s what made it even better. They’re the perfect Sid and Aya because they lived up to the roles of two people just being professional about their relationship, even though they actually had feelings for each other.

As for the movie, I was honestly expecting more plot twists, something bigger that would blow everyone’s minds. I had more complicated thoughts about the storyline, like someone dying in the worst way, but it’s nothing like that.

“If she was with me, I would tell her I love her. Gago lang ako para di aminin yun sa sarili ko. Takót lang ako para sabihin yun kapag kasama ko siya.” – Sid

The movie had a lot of quotable lines that we’d all relate to. I also liked the concept of a black swan.

A black swan is an event that is impossible to predict, but has major consequences for us all.

What I personally didn’t like is that they briefly crossed paths towards the end. They could’ve left the ending hanging but it’s still one of the best Filipino movies on Netflix for me.

My major takeaway from this movie is to just take risks. Tell the person you love that you love them before it’s way too late because not everyone gets a second chance. Don’t make the situation complicated. Don’t let your fear and anxiety get in the way of happiness.

Watch the trailer here:

Tragic stories are pragmatic. These stories don’t give us that urge to romanticize our love life or develop unrealistic expectations from our partners. We don’t crave something as grand as every famous couple we’ve watched before. Hence, tragedies are more appealing to me because they leave a lesson. They make me feel something.

If you haven’t tried going to the movies alone, I suggest you do. I prefer watching alone because I 1) can focus on the movie 2) have the food to myself 3) have the row to myself and 4) can cry anytime I want.

Try going around low-peak hours, preferably Tuesday to Thursday 1 PM to 4 PM.

PS: The movie theme song is titled Di Na Muli by Janine Tenoso, originally by Itchyworms. It’s still stuck in my head until now.

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  1. Hi! Nagbabasa ako ng mga blogs mo 🙂 More Honest review sa mga tear-jerker na films.
    Gusto ko siyang panuorin, itong Sid and Aya but but natatakot ako baka madisappoint lang ako tulad ng “Never not love you”
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