Nanay Ching Restaurant, Batanes

Nanay Ching Restaurant, Batanes

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes really made me feel “at home”. There’s something about the food, staff, and place that all ultimately remind me of coming home to my family’s warm embrace.

Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes

Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes is not merely about the food. I was able to meet its owner, Jonalyn Viloria, the daughter of Consolacion Baliday, who is also known as Nanay Ching. She was super nice and she has that soft voice that gives off some sort of motherly energy.

During our little chat, I learned that they use all organic ingredients. She shared that it is also quite normal to catch them picking flowers and leaves from their garden to accentuate the meals.

Nanay Ching Restaurant

Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes set meals

Set meals cost PHP 300 per person, which include turmeric rice, beef or pork steak, beef or pork soup, chicken afritada or curry, fish fillet, vegetable, and sweet potato salad or wakay for dessert.

As an avid fish fillet lover, I really really enjoyed their version. It has that crispy finish but you can still savor the fish meat inside.

Nanay Ching Restaurant Fish fillet
Fish Fillet

I highly recommend you try other dishes like their Buttered Lobster for an additional cost. They’re freshly caught, need I say more?

Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes Buttered Lobster
Buttered Lobster

The octopus dishes, like their Adobong Pugita and Fried Pugita, also did not disappoint. These two best-sellers are scrumptious, and I can vouch for that.

Fried Pugita is basically calamari but it’s softer because they use young octopus.

Fried Pugita
Fried Pugita

Blue Tea (PHP 200) is famous in Batanes so might as well try it here. It’s made with a local flower that is grown directly in their garden. I tried it as is but you can add in some sugar to taste.

This one has that earthy yet light taste with a pinch of sweetness from the flower’s natural flavor.

Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes Blue Tea
Blue Tea (PHP 200)

It’s safe to say that Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes is my favorite restaurant on the island. I loved everything about it.

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Nanay Ching Restaurant Batanes is usually a lunch spot for the South Batan tour, but you may double-check with your tour provider to be sure. If not, I suggest you make a reservation as other tours might flock to the place in time for lunch.

It’s located a few minutes away from Alapad, Uyugan, open from 8 AM to 3 PM only.

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