Review: Notcoy Daily Planner and Guided Journal

Review: Notcoy Daily Planner and Guided Journal

Notcoy offers a holistic approach to organizing your days and nurturing personal growth, unlocking productivity and self-reflection in perfect harmony. With the planner keeping your schedule in check and the journal guiding you through moments of introspection, these two buddies have your back.

I know how it feels to have half-filled journals and planners, but what I love the most about Notcoy is that theirs are straightforward! Read on to know more about Notcoy.

About Notcoy

Notcoy gratitude journal and daily planner

Notcoy basically means not coy, or “not shying away from being your true, fabulous self,” said co-founder Tanisha Uchil. “It’s not just a brand; it’s a celebration of being unapologetically you!”

Notcoy is owned by a brother-sister duo, Kartik and Tanisha, working from different parts of the world, infusing their products with diverse cultural influences. They also have an in-house design team who are always working on new designs, which they then release in small batches.

“Our covers are meant to bring a smile to your face and make you excited to grab your planner or journal every day. We draw inspiration from everything around us—whether it’s the latest home decor, fun fashion trends, or cool bits of pop culture,” added Tanisha.

Notcoy also regularly gathers feedback from the community, whether it be for improvements in layout or other recommendations.

Notcoy daily planner and gratitude journal

Fun fact: before it gained popularity for its bold selection of journals and planners, it was a greeting card brand amidst the 2020 lockdown. Tanisha even handwrote some of the letters as a personal touch.

In this day and age, the old-fashioned way really gets me. I’m a big believer of handwritten stuff, that’s why I still and forever will use an actual pen and paper rather than apps. Notcoy is definitely one of my favorites.

Gratitude Journal Features

Notcoy gratitude journal
Notcoy Gratitude Journal: Sunday Stories

Notcoy’s gratitude journal is good for 6 months. It’s undated, with 10 gratitude challenges to keep you motivated.

I love undated guided journals because you can start anytime, with no pressure if you skip a day (because let’s face it, some days we just fall asleep). The journal’s pages are designed to be straightforward, making it easy for you to get started.

Gratitude journal prompts

There are two sections per day, morning and evening, with the morning section dedicated to listing three things you feel grateful for, and the evening section for recording your day’s highlights and takeaways.

Gratitude journal daily pages

Another interesting feature of the Notcoy journal for me is the set of 10 gratitude challenge prompts. It evokes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of those old autograph notebooks we used to pass around in school.

Notcoy gratitude journal challenge

The journal is sized 5.25 x 7.25 inches, the perfect size in my opinion if you want to bring it with you when traveling. Right now, they have 7 cute designs to choose from, with a free sticker sheet.

Gratitude journal stickers

Another plus for me is that it’s hardbound with durable stitching, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally removing a page. For those of you who want to use multiple pens like me, the papers are 100 gsm thick, so no ink bleed around!

If you’re planning to give it as a gift, it comes with an adorable laminated box.

Daily Planner Features

Notcoy daily planner
Notcoy Daily Planner: Everyday

Can I just say—I’m particularly obsessed with the Everyday cover. It stood out to me because it’s funky as with other Notcoy designs, but has that vintage effect that I love.

Notcoy’s daily planner is good for 6 months, with 180 undated pages that you can start any time of the year.

Daily planner introduction

Each day, you have a section for your top three important tasks at the top, and ten lower-priority tasks below it, as well as a schedule for your more detailed tasks. There are also some sections where you can scribble personal reflections at the bottom, acting as a quick journal as well.

Notcoy daily planner pages

Each week, you have a section for your top 3 goals. This is a cool feature because you can really visualize your week ahead, keeping you motivated to accomplish things.

Daily planner weekly goals

Additionally, there’s a weekly habit tracker, shopping lists, and a weekly overview. Trust me when I say, these are features that you rarely see in one planner. This Notcoy planner is well thought out, with features that you’ll actually use to get organized.

At the back of the planner, you have 4 extra to-do list pages, which I’m likely going to use for bucket lists or wish lists for the year.

Daily planner extra pages

The daily planners are slightly bigger than their gratitude journals, but still a good size for travel. It’s sized 6 x 8.5 inches, and still with hardcover and 100 gsm papers. There’s a pocket for small notes or receipts too.

Notcoy’s daily planners, however, come with a bronze-colored metal wire-o binding. I like it this way because, unlike journals, we’re more likely to toss our daily planners around. It’s helpful if you’re inclined to fold it or keep it open while doing something else. It’s a work-from-home essential for me.

The daily planners come with freebies, too: two bookmarks and a sticker sheet.

Daily planner freebies

Just like the gratitude journal, the daily planner comes with a laminated box perfect for gifting or storage.

Where to Buy

Notcoy daily planner and gratitude journal

Currently, their products are available on their website and Amazon.

Visit for a 10% discount on your entire purchase or use my discount code AMPERSART upon checkout.

Meanwhile, here are the Amazon links:

You might also spot some Notcoy products at various independent shops in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain, with the potential for a Notcoy-themed ice cream shop to open in New York in the future.

“I always tell Kartik, who’s an architect, that I want our first store to be a Notcoy-themed ice cream shop in New York! We love that city and all the amazing brands and creations that are born there,” said Tanisha.

As they continue to grow, you can expect new planner and journal designs.

Gratitude journal and daily planner

What do you think of Notcoy and its adorable selection of planners and journals? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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