Phil’s Brew, Batanes

Phil’s Brew, Batanes

Phil’s Brew Batanes has made quite a name among tourists. I’ve read a few reviews about it being an amazing spot for solo travelers because meeting each other is highly encouraged among visitors.

Phil's Brew Batanes

This cafe is mainly the work of one woman, Imee Amboy. She’s super hands-on, juggling cooking and talking to guests at the same time.

In fact, she was also the one who revamped the whole garden and turned it into a modest cafe.

Phil's Brew Batanes

What to try at Phil’s Brew Batanes

I ordered one of her signature dishes called Dukayo (PHP 120), which is a combination of dukay and bukayo. Dukay is a local root crop (more on the bland spectrum compared to kamote or sweet potato), while bukayo is sweetened coconut.

Combining the two together makes a heavy treat (hello, carbs) yet they do complement each other. I wasn’t able to finish the whole piece so maybe it could be for sharing.

Phil's Brew Batanes food
Dukayo (PHP 120), Tubho (PHP 90), and Iced Latte (PHP 100)

I also tried their Tubho (PHP 90) and Iced Latte (PHP 100). Tubho is a herbal tea made with dried fern, and you can have it either hot or iced. I chose to have it iced, which was actually refreshing.

The Iced Latte, on the other hand, was a bit too sweet for me. It was too creamy that I didn’t notice much of the caffeine. Maybe you can request to lessen the sweetness if you’re a black coffee enthusiast like me.

Iced Latte at Phil's Brew
Iced Latte (PHP 100)

The verdict: Food is just okay for me. The place, meanwhile, is refreshing so it’s ideal for chit-chats or an afternoon with your book.

Phil’s Brew Batanes is located along Argonsa St. in Basco, open from 4 PM to 9 PM. It would be better if you contact Miss Imee (0908-815-4750) before visiting as she closes for months depending on the weather.

Phil's Brew

It’s ideal to have Phil’s Brew Batanes as a pitstop after your North Batan tour but be sure to communicate with your tour provider if time permits. If you’re looking for a lunch spot, I recommend Vunong Dinette.

For more information, read my full Batanes itinerary.

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