Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

I’ve been to most of the highly-rated museums in the Philipines, and I’m certain that Pintô Art Museum tops my list.

Located about an hour’s drive from Manila, Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo is a museum complex and exhibition space featuring contemporary Filipino art. It’s housed within Silangan Gardens, a 2-hectare botanical garden that boasts a rugged yet lush landscape with scenic views over the city.

Pinto art museum

Yes, the museum is packed with people who “do it for the ‘gram”, but if you visit during off-peak hours, you’ll soon see why it’s a haven for art enthusiasts.

In fact, this 2022, Pinto International opened a permanent exhibition in San Francisco to feature Filipino artists on a more global stage.

Museum interior

I’ve included some of my favorite artworks (as of 2016) below. You can also ask for a guide at the entrance to assist you and learn more about the art as you explore the museum.

Pinto art museum

The Oblivious by Stephanie Lopez will easily catch your attention (as any other installation inside). It has a star-crossed lovers impact on me, which I’m fond of.

For me, the delicate formation of steel wires gives off a fragile, cosmic love that transcends through time.

Art: Oblivious by Stephanie Lopez
Oblivious by Stephanie Lopez

This painting, on the other hand, might be my favorite. The phrase when you choose to stay within my shadow itself paints a hauntingly beautiful picture.

I’ve been dying to know the inscription on the painting (and its whole real story, if I’m being honest) but I couldn’t read it.

When you choose to stay within my shadow by Roy Rosatase
When you choose to stay within my shadow by Roy Rosatase

It’s still WAY better if you visit Pinto Art Museum compared to merely browsing the artwork online. You’ll appreciate it especially if you breathe and live art. The ever-changing exhibit is one of the many reasons why it’s worth visiting at least once a year.

They give great fist fuck by costantino zicarelli
They Give Great Fist Fuck by Costantino Zicarelli


I also liked this section, where you can write a letter for someone (or something) you want to move on from, or whoever you want to write to, really. They’re not going to send it—it’s just a way for you to let all your unsaid feelings out.

As someone who loves handwritten letters, I of course took the time to sit down and write. It felt refreshing.

Pinto art museum letters

If you want to take pictures of yourself (or whoever you’re with), or just enjoy the silence while staring at the artwork—I suggest you visit in the morning.

Pinto art museum

Based on experience, the museum is crowded around 11 AM to 4 PM on weekends. You may have better luck if you visit around morning to noon on weekdays, excluding holidays.

There’s an in-house coffee shop, Cafe Rizal, to cool down after a lovely (yet humid) stroll.

We are the kids that your parents warned you about

I’ve been itching to go out alone, and I’m glad I chose Pinto Art Museum. It was worth my time and commute. I’m turning twenteen on Tuesday, yay!

Pinto art museum exterior

Pinto Art Museum entrance fees (Updated 2022):

  • PHP 250 for adults (18 years old and above)
  • PHP 200 for senior citizens and PWD
  • PHP 125 for kids and students
  • FREE – Kids 3 years old and below

Make sure to bring your ID and proof of enrollment for students. Please also note that pets are not allowed.

Art installation

Pinto Art Museum also accepts prenup shoots, which start at PHP 10,000 / USD 200.


You can check their Facebook for more information (photoshoot rates, menu, announcements, etc).

Please note that this post was first published in 2016. Rates and other information have been updated since, however, the exhibit may have changed. For more information, visit the Pinto Art Museum website.

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