Best Scrapbooking Materials and Tools

Best Scrapbooking Materials and Tools

Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies when I was a kid. It was fun collecting pictures and scrapbooking materials, and designing pages knowing that I get to keep a lot of memories in one book.

So if you’re new to scrapbooking, here are some of the best scrapbooking materials and tools to check out.

Scrapbooking materials

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Scrapbooking Materials and Tools

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Scrapbooking materials - camera
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A scrapbook relies heavily on pictures so you need a good camera. I personally use this Canon EOS M50 Mark II. I like mirrorless cameras because they’re smaller and lighter, and this one also has a Wi-Fi feature so you can connect it directly to your phone.

Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

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For the iconic instant camera, get a Polaroid. Polaroid pictures are still the best for scrapbooking, at least for me. There’s something about the experience itself and knowing you captured the exact moment, with only one copy makes it extra special.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

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If you want a smaller option, I highly recommend an Instax. I have both a Polaroid and an Instax and they’re both good, just that a Polaroid picture looks more vintage in colors.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Scrapbooking materials - printer
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Though, you can also print your own photos with Fujifilm’s smartphone printer. This is a good option if you want to re-print old photos. Also, check this Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Value Pack.

Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

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For a classic scrapbook, this one inspired by Up is a good pick. I mean, who doesn’t want a love like Ellie and Carl?

Vienrose Large Photo Album

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If you don’t want a themed scrapbook, you can also use a photo album. Seriously, you can use any book you’d like. Get creative!

XFasten Adhesive Roller

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Glues and glue sticks can be very annoying so this adhesive roller is such an upgrade. No more pages accidentally sticking to each other.

Handmade Antique Blank Paper

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Whether you use them as pages or just for designing, these vintage papers are really good if you’re planning to make your own scrapbook. They’re 130gsm thick and you can pick from A4, A5, and A6 sizes.

MROCO Paper Cutter

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Of course, a paper cutter comes in handy if you’re making your own scrapbook pages.

Stamperia Intl Scrapbooking Paper

Scrapbooking materials - papers
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Another set of papers to add to your scrapbooking material collection—these designs are perfect for a vintage aesthetic.

Cricut Basic Tool Set

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This set has all the scrapbooking tools you’ll find very handy: a spatula, weeder, scraper, tweezers, and scissors.

VIVIQUEN Gold Washi Tape Set

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Washi tapes are often used for art journals, but they’re also great for scrapbooks. You can use them as a border for your pictures or to accentuate your pages.

This black and gold set is 15mm wide and about 8 meters in length for each roll.

Mod Podge Complete Decoupage Kit

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Mod podge is something you think you’d never need but do anyway, and they can be used almost anywhere so it’s a good thing to have.

5 Packs Retro Camera Film Sticker

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These retro camera film stickers are one of the cutest scrapbooking materials. I like using them for my journals but they also work to label your scrapbook pictures or to decorate your page.

Photo Mounting Corners

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These book corners are good to have if you plan to make your own scrapbook. Aside from protecting the edges of your cover, it also adds extra decor.

UCEC Letter Stamps

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This letter stamp includes lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and some punctuation marks. You can use letter stamps in pretty much anything art-related, such as journals, scrapbooks, collages, and even pottery.

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter

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Paper cutters are oddly satisfying to use, so this is a good one to have if you’re cutting a lot of paper for your scrapbook.

AECHY Colored Curve Pens

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More cool pens that you’re bound to like. This pack has eight pens with dual tips: one 0.4mm fine tip and the other with decorative lines, which would be useful for adding extra cuteness to your pages.

EK Success Tools Edge Punch

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This puncher is one of the best scrapbooking tools—just look at that beautiful die-cut border. It also has an alignment guide for extra precision when punching.

Printable White Sticker Paper, Laser/Inkjet Printing

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If you have a printer and want to customize your stickers, this is a best-seller on Amazon.

JOYCHOIC Aesthetic Vintage Garden Door

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This garden door set has 90 pieces, which make a very cool addition to your decorative papers.

Vintage Post Stamp Stickers

Scrapbooking materials - stickers
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These stickers are perfect for a vintage-themed scrapbook, with prints ranging from landmarks to nature.

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart

Scrapbooking materials - organizers
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A trolley cart helps you stay organized, but most especially, I like its portability when you want to drag your scrapbooking materials and tools around the house.

IRIS USA Craft Organizers and Storage, Rolling Storage Cart

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If you want more of the drawer-type cart, this is one of the best organization products for your home. It’s Amazon’s number one best-seller.

WR Heidi Swapp Cinch

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Again, if you’re thinking about doing your own scrapbook and its pages, this is a great tool for stress-free binding. Not to mention it’s also cute.

Cricut Joy Machine

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This portable Cricut machine is a great addition to your scrapbooking tools, especially if you want precision cutting in your personalized stickers and other crafts.

Other Scrapbooking Materials to Check

ThxMadam Scrapbook

Scrapbooking materials - scrapbook

28 PCS Precision Craft Tools Set

Knaid 40 Rolls of Slim Washi Tape

ANERZA Vintage Scrapbooking Supplies Stickers

Scrapbooking materials - stickers

600 Pieces Washi Sticker Set

What other scrapbooking materials or tools would you recommend? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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