Shaka Siargao

Shaka Siargao

Visiting Shaka when in Cloud 9 Siargao has been a routine for most tourists. They are well-known for offering healthy pre and post-surf bowls and juices so it’s a must in every Siargao itinerary.

Shaka Siargao fruit bowls

Not to mention that these bowls, as well as the whole place, are a great addition to your Instagram feed.

Shaka Siargao counter

It’s located a few steps away from the famous boardwalk in Cloud 9, giving you a front-row view of this beautiful sight.

There are also swings and bean bags if you have the whole morning to spare.

View from Shaka Siargao

Honestly, the breakfast bowls reminded me of Kynd Community in Bali (what a throwback moment it was). The difference is that Shaka is actually located on the beachside of Cloud 9, making you embrace the island vibe.

Tables in Shaka Siargao

What to try at Shaka Siargao

My tour buddies and I ordered Bom Dia, Super Bowl, Matcha, and Cafe Latte.

Bom Dia (PHP 250) is made with acai, banana, mango, pineapple, berries, coconut, and milk. The berries and banana particularly stand out, giving this bowl a balance of sweet and sour but in a dessert-like way.

Bom Dia and The Super Bowl
Bom Dia (PHP 250); The Super Bowl (PHP 250)

Their bowls are served with fresh island fruits and homemade vegan granola.

I tried a spoonful of The Super Bowl (PHP 250), but it’s a bit sour and I didn’t want to trigger my acid reflux. It’s made with quinoa, natural yogurt, granola, honey, and some island fruits.

The yogurt is also homemade, and you can choose to switch it with coconut milk.

Picture-worthy food of Shaka Siargao

If you’re a green tea lover, I highly recommend their creamy Matcha Latte (PHP 140). You may enjoy green tea latte in its purest form or add sweetener as you please.

I ordered myself my regular glass of Cafe Latte (PHP 120). You have the option to have it iced or hot, and I switched to soy milk for an additional PHP 20.

Their Iced Soy Latte has the right bitterness for me. I’m just not sure if they also source their coffee locally, though.

Shaka Siargao counter

There may be times when some offerings are not available since they source only the freshest ingredients. You may ask the staff or check out their mini board.

Countertop of Shaka Siargao

Fun fact: in Hawaiin and surf culture, Shaka means “hang loose” and they creatively express that by outwardly extending your thumb and little finger while the rest of your fingers are in a closed fist. This simple gesture has been a “staple” for most Siargao tourist pictures.

View of Cloud 9 from Shaka Siargao

The verdict—for health buffs, Shaka is definitely a gem! I am not much of a health-conscious but I’m always wondering what’s in my food, and Shaka effortlessly makes me trust them. It was the digestive reset that I needed as I felt light and refreshed after.

Here’s their menu as of October 2019:

Shaka Siargao menu

Shaka is located at Cloud 9, General Luna, Surigao Del Norte. They’re open all week from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM. They also have branches in Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, and recently in Forbestown, Taguig.

Note: If you’re looking for another brunch spot, I recommend Greenhouse Cafe. It’s not beachfront like Shaka but the place feels calm and homey and their brunch offerings are heavenly!

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