Siargao Itinerary for Solo Travelers (5D4N)

Siargao Itinerary for Solo Travelers (5D4N)

It was my first official solo travel locally, and I honestly don’t know if it was better or worse than my two recent solo travels abroad (Bangkok and Bali).

I got used to not having clear plans for my travels (which is apparently, probably, the only aspect of my life that I don’t plan in detail), but this time I made sure I had a clear Siargao itinerary, to begin with.

Siargao Itinerary
Sayak Airport

I wanted to switch things up with my Siargao itinerary. I booked a hostel for the first time (Lampara Siargao) and also booked a few joiner tours.

For an introvert traveling solo, it would have been a real nightmare, and it kinda was, but I got through it and learned.

Siargao Budget

My budget for the whole trip was more or less PHP 15,000, including airfare, accommodation, tours, and food. I booked my roundtrip ticket from Clark to Sayak Airport via Philippine Airlines for PHP 3,900. It was around June and my trip was in October.

I figured it was a good deal because I really wanted to go to Siargao but Cebu Pacific, at the time, didn’t have a lot of direct flights from Manila. Plus, it’s not every day that I get a relatively cheaper price from PAL even if it’s from Clark.

Siargao Itinerary
Baybay Road of Palms

I booked my joiner tours via WOW Siargao, which I found on Facebook. The owner, Manong Sunico, takes a while to reply, but it’s understandable given that he joins the tours sometimes. He’s very friendly once you’re on the tour together. And oh, he also accepts private tours!

Tours include private boat, pick-up from the hotel to the starting point of the tour, lunch, and all entrance, environmental, and docking fees.

Siargao Itinerary

Here’s a breakdown of my expenses:

Roundtrip P2P Trinoma – ClarkPHP 560
Roundtrip ticket Clark – SayakPHP 3,900
Lampara Hostel 4 days/3 nightsPHP 4,200
Joiner tours (Island hopping, land tour)PHP 3,800
Van to/from Sayak to hostelPHP 500
Food (estimate)PHP 1,500
TOTALmore or less PHP 15,000

Siargao Itinerary (5D4N)

Day 1: Flight and Chill

9:00 AMP2P from Trinoma to Clark
11:00 AMETA Clark Airport / Lunch
1:30 PMFlight from Clark Airport
3:30 PMETA Sayak Airport / Van to the hostel
5:00 PMETA Lampara Hostel / Rest
6:00 PMDinner and drinks at Harana
8:00 PMSleep

My first day was sooo tiring. I went from car to MRT to P2P to plane to van before I finally arrived at my hostel. 

I was hoping to watch the sunset at Cloud 9 but it was already dark when I arrived. If you’re staying around General Luna, I highly recommend eating at Harana for dinner. The place features a relaxing ambiance with homey Filipino food, and Leche Ice Cream is located within the premise for dessert!

Leche Ice Cream
Leche Ice Cream


  • P2P from Trinoma to Clark is only PHP 280, but be sure to arrive at Trinoma earlier than your scheduled flight because of traffic.
  • There are fast food restaurants around Clark Airport so you won’t be bored while waiting for your flight. 
  • If you’re coming in groups, better book a private van pick-up from Sayak Airport to your accommodation. The public van takes a while because they drop off every passenger near their accommodations. It’s not fun when you’re the last drop-off.

Day 2: Sohoton + Tri-island Tour

7:00 AMTour pick-up from Lampara Hostel
7:30 AMETA Port / Register
8:00 AMSohoton tour
12:30 PMLunch
2:30 PMTri-island tour
6:00 PMEnd of tour
8:00 PMDinner at Isla Mercato / Try to party
11:00 PMSleep

The Sohoton + Tri-island joiner tour only costs PHP 1,999 per person. There are also packages that offer only Tri-island or Corregidor + Tri-island.  

Jellyfish Sanctuary
Jellyfish Sanctuary

My tour includes:

  • Sohoton Underground River Activities
    – Hi Underground River “Hagukan Cave”
    – Boating Adventure
    – Jelly Fish sanctuary tour/ Cliff diving
  • Guyam Island
  • Daku Island
  • Naked Island

You may read about my Sohoton Cove and Tri Island Siargao tour.


  • Contact the tour you’re eyeing beforehand so you have a clear Siargao itinerary. I reached out to both individual, local tour guides (some I saw on blogs or Facebook groups) and actual tour providers but I ended up with the latter because of the reviews. If you’re bold enough to try, support the independent locals, too!
  • Never forget your sunscreen! Re-apply as you please. Do invest in eco-friendly sunscreen so you won’t do any harm to the jellyfishes.
  • A safety tip for solo female travelers: Siargao’s nightlife, as they say, is wild so be a little cautious. There’s a mix of tourists and locals. The venue varies every night but it’s pretty easy to know where, as people have a way to pass it through word of mouth. 

Day 3: Sugba Lagoon + Land Tour

8:00 AMTour pick-up from Lampara Hostel
9:00 AMETA Port
9:30 AMETA Sugba Lagoon
12:00 PMETA Port / Lunch
1:00 PMLand tour
5:00 PMEnd of tour
7:00 PMDinner at Kermit Siargao
9:00 PMSleep

There are different versions of Siargao’s land tours but I chose this one with Sugba Lagoon for only PHP 1,799 per head.

Read about my Sugba Lagoon and Land Tour Siargao experience here.

Siargao itinerary Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon

My tour includes:

  • Sugba Lagoon
  • Magpupungko Rock Pool
  • Maasin Enchanted River
  • Tayangbang Cave
  • Mountain Overlooking View
  • Pacifico Lighthouse 
  • Pacifico Beach
  • Baybay Road of Palms

For dinner, I recommend treating yourself to a pizza at Kermit Siargao, known as the best pizza place on the island. There’s a branch in Poblacion, Makati as well. 

Kermit Siargao
Kermit Siargao


  • Eco-friendly sunscreen, again. 
  • Jumping from the 15-foot high diving board at Sugba Lagoon is a fun experience. It was one of the most memorable parts of my trip! However, please know your limits as it can be dangerous.
  • Be mindful of your time even on a joiner tour. You might have to go back early from Sugba Lagoon to catch Magpupungko Rock Pool on a low tide, which is around 12 PM to 3 PM.

Day 4: Free Day

10:00 AMBrunch at Greenhouse Cafe
1:00 PMCloud 9
4:00 PMDrinks at White Banana
6:00 PMMama’s Grill
7:00 PMStroll around town
9:00 PMSleep

I originally planned my Friday for Corregidor Island, but I wasn’t able to find any joiner tour. Some locals will offer you a private boat to yourself for PHP 2,000, which isn’t bad if you have a little cash to spare. 

I’ve been to Batanes—another one of the best islands in the Philippines—which they say Corregidor Island is quite similar to, so I didn’t push through with it anymore. I ended up spending the afternoon at Cloud 9.

I still recommend adding Corregidor Island to your Siargao itinerary, of course. 

Siargao itinerary Cloud 9
Cloud 9

I used the day to get lost in nature and explore more Siargao restaurants. I loved my brunch at Greenhouse Cafe, too.


  • If you have a free day, I suggest you rent a motorbike, which typically costs PHP 300 to PHP 400 per day. You may haggle for a lower price if you’re renting it for longer.
  • Try surfing at Cloud 9. Surfboard rent with an instructor only costs PHP 300 to PHP 400.
  • Buy yourself a freaking glass of (slightly) pricey cocktail in White Banana. You deserve it.

Day 5: Flight Home

9:00 AMShower / Pack
10:00 AMBrunch and chill at White Banana
11:30 PMBuy souvenir
1:00 PMCheck-out / Van to airport
3:30 PMFlight from Sayak Airport
5:30 PMETA Clark Airport / P2P to Trinoma
7:30 PMETA Trinoma

I went back to Cloud 9 in the morning to watch the sunrise then I went to Shaka for breakfast. It was like 5 minutes away from Lampara so there’s that.

There’s really not much to say for my last day. I was so excited to go home because I oddly missed city life. 

Souvenir shops are along Tourism Rd so they’re pretty easy to spot, in case you’re doing last-minute pasalubong shopping like me.

Siargao itinerary


  • If you still have the motorbike, you can stroll around in the morning—maybe go to Pacifico Beach or go back to Cloud 9 for more surfing.
  • Don’t forget to arrange your van pick-up going to Sayak Airport prior to your trip. You may also ask for help from your accommodation.

Siargao FAQs

Lampara Siargao

I was very anxious about having to interact with people while on a solo trip but it was a lesson I needed to learn. Joiner tours and hostel were not that bad.

I hope this Siargao itinerary can help you prepare for your trip. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below if you have any questions or need any solo travel tips.

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