Guide to Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island Tour Siargao

Guide to Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island Tour Siargao

Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island tour was my favorite Siargao tour. Aside from the places that are definitely worth it, I think it’s also about me trying out a joiner tour. I got my tour via WOW Siargao for only PHP 1,999.

Sohoton port

First off, sunscreen is a must for this tour, and you have to re-apply over and over because of the water activities. PLEASE invest in eco-friendly lotions because you might harm the jellyfishes (and well, other underwater creatures).

Going to Sohoton Cove takes 2 hours one-way, so you can skip this one if you’re not up for a 4-hour boat trip. You may choose Corregidor and Tri-Island (roughly around the same price, the boat trip is an hour one-way) or just Tri-Island alone.

General Luna port to sohoton cove and tri-island
General Luna port

The boat trip didn’t bother me much. But if you get bored easily, I suggest you bring books or download Netflix series to accompany you. Talking to your tourmates wouldn’t help because the boat (gear?) can be loud.

Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island Tour

Basically, my Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island tour include:

  • Sohoton Underground River Activities
    – Hi Underground River “Hagukan Cave”
    – Boating Adventure
    – Jelly Fish Sanctuary / Cliff diving
  • Guyam Island
  • Daku Island
  • Naked Island

Let me walk you through some of the spots we visited.

We started our Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island tour around 8 AM and arrived at Sohoton Cove around 10 AM. It was already crowded, so I suggest going there really early. You can sleep on the boat ride, anyway.

Sohoton port

We switched to smaller boats twice during our Sohoton Cove experience. Up to 2 people can accommodate the small boat for the Jellyfish Sanctuary, while up to 10 people for Hagukan Cave (and the other side trips).

Jellyfish Sanctuary

The Jellyfish Sanctuary was our first stop, where you can really swim with harmless jellyfishes. I super love the blue waters and how quiet it was there. Tip: Bring your waterproof bags and cameras.

It was raining when we got there that I had to risk my phone!

Jellyfish Sanctuary

We had our lunch near the port at Sohoton Cove, and boy was I delighted to see all the seafood served. I wasn’t even able to take an IG-worthy photo of it. Boodle fight!

After lunch, we went back to proceed with our Tri-Island tour. The two-hour boat trip didn’t bother me this time because, well, an afternoon nap right after lunch? I haven’t had it in a long time!

I wish I had a drone, but this is Naked Island. According to the local guide, it’s called naked because there is literally nothing there.

Naked Island

Our final stop was Guyam Island. If I remember it right, it is privately-owned (I heard it also holds parties once a year).

Guyam Island

WOW Siargao is a good tour provider—their Facebook reviews are so far all positive. However, if you would like to support independent locals, I suggest you go to the port early in the morning. The boatmen are more than willing to accommodate you. You can also do a private boat or join other on-the-spot tourists looking for joiners, too.

The upside for getting a tour provider, I guess, is that you don’t have to settle fees and worry about your lunch as they will take care of them for you (unless stated otherwise).

Naked Island

Overall, this Sohoton Cove and Tri-Island tour is super worth it. You may also read my Sugba Lagoon and Land Tour or my full Siargao itinerary.

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