South Batan Island, Batanes Guide

South Batan Island, Batanes Guide

Not sure if it’s because it’s my last tour or what, but the South Batan Island Batanes tour tops my whole trip.

This tour takes up a whole day compared to Sabtang Island, which ends before you know it. With that, I suggest packing some water, snacks, sunscreen, and extra clothes.

Marlboro Hills, South Batan Island Batanes
Rakuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills)

South Batan Island Batanes itinerary

The South Batan Island Batanes tour is composed of three municipalities: Mahatao, Uyugan, and Ivana. If you’re booking with Batanes Travel and Tours, here’s the list of places you’ll visit:

    • Diura Fishing Village
    • San Carlos Borromeo Church
    • Rakuh a Payaman (Marboro Hills)
    • Tayid Lighthouse
    • Mahatao Shelter Port
    • Chawa Viewdeck
    • Homoron Blue Lagoon
    • Imnajbu Old LORAN Station
    • San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
    • San Antonio de Florencia Church
    • Alapad
    • Motchong
    • House of Dakay
    • San Jose de Obrero Church

You may request to start early to watch the sunrise at Rakuh a Payaman, popularly known as Marlboro Hills. If you don’t catch it, though, the entire blues and greens in front of you are enough to make you cry a little, thanking the heavens for allowing you to witness such paradise. Trust me, I did.

Sunrise from Rakuh a Payaman
Rakuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills)

You can see Tayid Lighthouse from Marlboro Hills (and vice versa), but it’s also part of the South Batan Island Batanes tour so you can still see it up close.

Tayid Lighthouse South Batan Island Batanes
Tayid Lighthouse

It’s currently not operational but still famous for its hexagonal shape. It also serves as an amazing view deck.

Tayid Lighthouse
Tayid Lighthouse

Moving on, the San Carlos Borromeo Church made a mark on me as I also left mine in it.

San Carlos Borromeo Church
San Carlos Borromeo Church

It’s where the Batanes Blank Book Archive is located, where you can write pretty much anything on their blank hardbound books. Take note of the number so you can maybe revisit it!

South Batan Island Batanes Blank Book Archive
Batanes Blank Book Archive

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel, meanwhile, is where the first-ever Catholic baptism in Batanes was held. The tour guide said that it was all grass fields back then, but this cross on the right side of the picture was the exact spot:

San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel

For the famous “BLOW UR HORN” photo-op, Alapad is just the place. Another fun fact I learned is that the Ivatans have long used shortcuts even before the texting era.

South Batan Island Batanes Alapad

Across it is Motchong Viewdeck, where you can witness huge waves slowly crawling on beautiful rock formations.

Motchong Viewdeck
Motchong Viewdeck

Restaurants to try

We ate at Nanay Ching Restaurant, which easily became my favorite restaurant on the island (fish fillet and buttered lobster, ugh). It is usually the lunch spot for the South Batan Island Batanes tour.

Also, be sure to double-check with your tour provider so they can make a reservation for you.

Nanay Ching Restaurant
Nanay Ching Restaurant

After the tour, I went for a quick bite at Yaru Art Gallery and Fip Cafe. It’s just along the way going back to Basco.

Traversing through the island left me amazed. I wasn’t at all scared of the zigzags. I couldn’t help but compare the roads to my (VERY) tiring and a rocky trip to Nusa Penida, Bali.

For more tips, read my full Batanes itinerary.

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