Summer Outfits that Never Go Out of Style

Summer Outfits that Never Go Out of Style

Summer is here, and I’m just so excited to wear cute, girly dresses again! It’s honestly a struggle for me to decide on my summer outfits because my closet is FULL of black dresses, but I take it as a challenge—and an excuse to go shopping—to wear stuff I don’t normally wear.

Although, I know for sure summer outfits are mostly the same clothing pieces, just different colors and styles. So to start, here are some of the best summer outfits that stay trendy no matter what era you are in.

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Summer outfits - white button up, mom jeans, handbag, sandals

A white button-up shirt is perhaps the most versatile fashion piece because it’s generally acceptable to wear in any season. During summer, I like to open up the buttons real low and pair them with mom jeans for that casual, airy look. A layered necklace is also a good idea to give some silhouette around your chest area. You can dress this up (or down) with flats or high heels.

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Romper, espadrilles, bag

A romper is one of the most comfortable summer outfits—it just provides more movement while still allowing you to be cute and in season. Choose one that comes in a bright color like yellow, and then pair it with a cute floral bag and flat espadrilles. Don’t forget to accessorize with cute hair clips!

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Linen summer outfits

Anything linen is a must in your summer OOTD. I like pairing wide-leg linen pants with a crop top and the rattan bag I bought in Bali. Flat sandals are almost a no-brainer to maintain that airy, summer look. This is also the outfit where you’re excused to wear a lot of cute statement rings and a layered necklace.

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Jumpsuit, espadrilles, hat, bag

If it gets a little chilly outside in the summer, jumpsuits are the best alternative to rompers. Choose one that’s in pastel color, or maybe soft denim or linen. Pair it with lace-up espadrilles with cute prints that match the color of your jumpsuits or accessories. If you’re going to the beach, a straw hat is a must!

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Bodysuit, jean shorts, white sneakers, cap, bag

For that casual, street look in the summer, you can never go wrong with a black bodysuit, jean shorts, a statement cap, and white sneakers. This summer outfit is one of the most comfortable ones! You can easily modify this outfit, too, just by adding plaid shirt outerwear or a bomber jacket to keep that sporty look.

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White Pants

Summer outfit - white pants, tank top, bag, bucket hat, slingback flats

White pants are always a good idea in the summer because they look fresh no matter what top you wear. I usually pair it with a tank top and slingback flats. You can use a printed tote bag to make a statement and then accessorize with a cute bucket hat. If you think your outfit is quite dull, you can use a layered necklace to amp it up a bit.

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Beachwear summer outfits with bikini, jean shorts, bag, straw hat, kimono

Of course, a cute summer outfit always comes with a beach outfit. I don’t normally wear swimsuits all day at the beach since it gets really hot, so I pair them with comfortable jean shorts. I also make sure to bring a kimono—preferably a lacey or crocheted one—as well as a beach hat and a large tote bag to pack water or a beach blanket.

This is also the outfit to wear if you want to blend in a place with gorgeous boho decor.

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A Really Cute Summer OOTD Dress

Yellow gingham dress, slingback heels, bag

Summer is never complete without flaunting a cute dress! If you’re going out for brunch, cute slingback heels and handbags will do. If you’re out walking all day, best to pair your dress with white sneakers or comfortable flats. Don’t forget to accessorize with earrings and hair ribbons of the same color as your dress.

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Anything Maxi/Midi

Maxi dress, lace up flats, bag

Maxi or midi dresses look so gorgeous in the summer, especially those with loud floral/fauna prints. They look especially good in beach photos since they give contrast to sand and sea landscapes. I don’t know about you, but I like to pair them with lace-up sandals and one or two statement accessories. A sling bag with a summery feel is a must, such as those made from canvas or rattan.

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Off the Shoulder Top

Off shoulder top, jean skirt, bag, slingback flats, glasses

Last but not the least, an off-the-shoulder top with a jean skirt (or those made from other fabrics that feel comfortable to you) and flat sandals is the way to go. This look is honestly my go-to back in college—I had a lot of skirts and flats. For an off-the-shoulder top, I like putting my hair up in a bun to emphasize my shoulders, but feel free to experiment on your hairstyle too with a cute scrunchie.

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Which of these summer outfits are you trying this season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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