The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita, Bali

The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita, Bali

It was still early when I finished my tiring day trip to Nusa Penida Island. My tour guide suggested a chill place in Klungklung called The Monkey Bar, so I decided to give it a go.

The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita

The road there is a bit scary, to be honest, but it was worth the drive to the top.

Those who like posing for the camera with their gorgeous summer outfits would love The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita for its Instagram-worthy spots. They have hanging monkeys decorated all over the place, as well as rattan chairs and couches for that summer vibe.

The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita view

I didn’t visit other resorts in Bali so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I am beyond amazed by the view from the place. You won’t see any city lights here—just lush greenery. 

Plus, you’ll get front-row tickets to a beautiful sunset, all while swimming and drinking cocktails. 

The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita pool

The place was not crowded when I got there on a Friday, but I heard locals and tourists alike flock to the place during weekends.

There is technically no entrance fee. You just pay IDR 150,000/PHP 550+ upon entering and it’s consumable of food and drinks, even spa treatments.

Food at The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita

The Monkey Bar food

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take note of the exact food prices. I believe these are good for up to four people.

The Monkey Bar pizza

I loved the pizza so much even if I oddly paired it with a strawberry milkshake. There is also something about the potato fries that would make you bite one after another.

They mostly serve Western cuisine and cocktails. The price range per meal is about PHP 200 to PHP 500, which is not bad considering you’ll be munching on good food with a breathtaking scene as a backdrop.

The Monkey Bar food

I was at The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita up until sunset and it was a sight to behold. It was kind of scary when it got dark, though, especially on our drive back to Seminyak.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend driving up to The Monkey Bar at Bella Kita for the food and scenic view. 

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